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New 'Look'
Jun 9, 11 6:55 PM
Greatest Farwell to WAR
May 14, 11 11:02 AM
The Day Iron Rock Died
Feb 7, 11 3:21 PM
King of the Mountain
Jun 26, 10 2:10 AM
Char & Bone Closed by ACA Investigation
Jun 19, 10 3:39 AM
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Welcome, Heros!

If you are a member of The Forgotton Heros, please register here then send Avelyes an in-game mail with the username you've registered here.  We'll approve you as soon as we log in, or if we're in-game just send us a tell.  We can alt+tab out and approve you in all of 30 seconds.

Enjoy the news, forums, and the few pic's we've got up.  Feel free to add where you like!


New 'Look'

Valthax, Jun 9, 11 6:55 PM.
It was high time for a bit of a format change.  Not that I minded the old format but the jet black background proved to be a tad annoying at times.

Feel free to voice any opinions, criticism, objections, approvals, or attempted mutiny.

Greatest Farwell to WAR

Valthax, May 14, 11 11:02 AM.

This actually made me choke up a little bit.  I do hope you take a few mins and watch it as it's some of the finest editing in a WAR vid I've ever seen (and I've seen a ton of 'em).

The Day Iron Rock Died

Valthax, Feb 7, 11 3:21 PM.
Well, for me it's been a helluva long run here.  I started out here during the closed beta, stayed through the open beta, watched the numbers grow during the Head start, started a guild within hours of the server opening officially, and I've been here ever since.

The guild is gone, inherited by someone who's now inactive.  Tons of servers transferred to Iron Rock over the past 2+ years and it's always been interesting to see the new names around the lakes.

Within the next week Iron Rock will finally join the other servers that have passed on.  For me it's a sad day, but at least I get to be here till the very end.

To all of The Forgotton Heros I want to say thank you.  When Wicked invited me in I was debating leaving WAR but that one act kept me around.  It's been an honor and a pleasure to roll on Iron Rock with you guys.


King of the Mountain

Valthax, Jun 26, 10 2:10 AM.

Char & Bone Closed by ACA Investigation

Valthax, Jun 19, 10 3:39 AM.
The Char & Bone, a well known tavern in the Inevitable City, was forcibly closed earlier this evening by the Awakened Council of Alchemists.  This esoteric group normally confines itself to the Narrows where it conducts it's glorious research and experimentation to further the Change.  During the siege of the City several individuals had grown to immense proportions.

The ACA interviewed witnesses, participants, and prisoners (the ones who were still alive and had a tongue to speak with) in an attempt at determining the source of the change.  According to the initial findings, all parties involved were sighted near or in the Char & Bone just before the alteration in size began to take affect.

The ACA is still attempting to track down Styxix, the only individual who did not die in the ensuing combat.  All other participants fell in battle.

Any son or daughter of Khaine, gobbo or warboyz, or servant of Chaos who has any information with may be relevant to the ACA's investigation, the known whereabouts of the Chosen Styxix, or is in possession of punch & pie is hereby ordered upon torture and death to report to Pherix in the Inevitable City.
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